RaceFlight One RC17 Build 0.238.079

RaceFlight One Install Guide by Destro

RaceFlight One Client Build 0.238.00:
Mac Client
Windows Client
Windows 64bit Client
Linux 64bit Client
Linux 32bit Client

The modified BLHeli source can be found here: https://github.com/RaceFlightOne/DoubleDShot_bhelis
Version 0.189.057:
	Change how failsafe works on sbus

Version 0.190.057:
	WS2812 LEDs will no longer power up when connected to USB
	Minor 1wire changes
	Added low voltage buzzer
	Beta versions Increment
Version 0.191.057:
	Fix RX detection method
	Updated motor calibration routine

Version 0.192.057:
	Fixed kiss rates
	Changed DSMX 22ms detection
	Added logging continuation after disarm / failsafe for 25 itterations with trouble codes
	Added serial number command
Version 0.193.057:
	Wizard changes

Version 0.194.057:
	Self level mode updates
	Make force flashing ESCs slightly safer

Version 0.195.058 RC1:
	GUI - Added rates graphs
	GUI - Fixed ESC tab
	GUI - General bug fixes
	GUI - Added default PIDs
	GUI - Added multilangual support
	nytfluffyrates command added
	braindrainrates command added
	Fix betafloght rates
	Fix kiss rates
	general code cleanup
	Update default PIDs
	LEDs now Breathe
	Preliminary Smart Audio Support - Not yet enabled

Version 0.197.059 BETA:
	Adjust self level defaults
	GUI - updates and bug fixes
	Updated ESC bins
	Server autobuild increments minor version
	Added BLHeli_s C_H_50 ESC firmware to flash

Version 0.197.059 BETA:
	Added arming structure data to error command to help diagnose non start issues
	Integrated Spektrum's VTX setup into SmartAudio
		You can change Channels and turn on your radio via a Spektrum TX
	Smart Audio changes:
		Added set telem_smartaudio command
			1 is enabled on usart 3 TX
			0 is disabled
		Added VTXON mode
			If telem_smartaudio = 1 and VTXON is set to a channel, a power on comand will be sent to the smart audio TX on USART 3 TX pin when the mode is actiaved
				This will only happen when the board is disarmed
			If telem_smartaudio = 1 and VTXON is not set to a channel, a power on comand will be sent to the smart audio TX on USART 3 TX pin during arming
			NOTE! This is the recomended way to run smart audio - not using the VTXON mode will delay arming by half a second to allow the smart audio time to turn on
		Added "sainit" command
			If telem_smartaudio = 1 the VTX connected to usart 3's TX pin will be queried for current settings and reported back to the console
		Added "sapit" command
			If telem_smartaudio = 1 and sainit has been run, the VTX connected to usart 3's TX pin will be placed into semi-permanant pit mode
				this means the vtx will always power up into pit mode once this command is run
				the vtx can be returned to normal opperation by holding the VTX's button down during power up (hence it's only semi-permanant) :)
		Added "saon" command
			If telem_smartaudio = 1 and sainit has been run, the VTX connected to usart 3's TX pin will be sent the power up command (leave pit mode)
		Added "salock" command
			If telem_smartaudio = 1 and sainit has been run, the VTX connected to usart 3's TX pin will be sent the lock command
		Added "saunlock" command
			If telem_smartaudio = 1 and sainit has been run, the VTX connected to usart 3's TX pin will be sent the unlock command
	Recomended Smart Audio Setup:
		1. Connect SmartAudio cable to USART3 TX pin (USART3 RX is still okay for Smart Port, you can use USART1 for Spektrum RXs)
		2. Power up SmartAudio VTX and flight controller, connect to configurator
		3. In console run the command "set telem_smartaudio=1"
		4. In console run the command "sainit"
		5. In console run the command "saunlock"
		6. In console run the command "sapit"
		7. On setup page in configurator, set VTXON mode to a channel (I use channel 8 on a momentary switch)
		8. Click Save
		9. Unpower FC and VTX
		10. You can use your spektrum radio to set your VTX channel and band, or you can use console "sach x" where x is a channel number from 0 through 39 
		11. enabling the VTXON mode will turn on the VTX, the VTX will not transmit until the flight mode is enabled at least momentarily
	List of SmartAudio channels:
		"sach x" where x is the number coorisponding to the VTX power level listed below:
			VTX_CH_A1 = 0,
			VTX_CH_A2 = 1,
			VTX_CH_A3 = 2,
			VTX_CH_A4 = 3,
			VTX_CH_A5 = 4,
			VTX_CH_A6 = 5,
			VTX_CH_A7 = 6,
			VTX_CH_A8 = 7,
			VTX_CH_B1 = 8,
			VTX_CH_B2 = 9,
			VTX_CH_B3 = 10,
			VTX_CH_B4 = 11,
			VTX_CH_B5 = 12,
			VTX_CH_B6 = 13,
			VTX_CH_B7 = 14,
			VTX_CH_B8 = 15,
			VTX_CH_E1 = 16,
			VTX_CH_E2 = 17,
			VTX_CH_E3 = 18,
			VTX_CH_E4 = 19,
			VTX_CH_E5 = 20,
			VTX_CH_E6 = 21,
			VTX_CH_E7 = 22,
			VTX_CH_E8 = 23,
			VTX_CH_F1 = 24,
			VTX_CH_F2 = 25,
			VTX_CH_F3 = 26,
			VTX_CH_F4 = 27,
			VTX_CH_F5 = 28,
			VTX_CH_F6 = 29,
			VTX_CH_F7 = 30,
			VTX_CH_F8 = 31,
			VTX_CH_R1 = 32,
			VTX_CH_R2 = 33,
			VTX_CH_R3 = 34,
			VTX_CH_R4 = 35,
			VTX_CH_R5 = 36,
			VTX_CH_R6 = 37,
			VTX_CH_R7 = 38,
			VTX_CH_R8 = 39,
	List of Smart Audio Power modes:
		"sapow x" where x is the number coorisponding to the VTX power level listed below:
			VTX_POWER_025MW = 0,
			VTX_POWER_200MW = 1,
			VTX_POWER_500MW = 2,
			VTX_POWER_800MW = 3,

Version 0.198.059 BETA:
	Rewrite of several drivers to better accomodate VTX telemetry
	Added new soft serial driver
	Added support for taranis pid and vtx tuning
	Fixed bug in betafloght and kiss rates
	Changed VTX commands
		vtxinfo will print vtx info to the console
		vtxon will turn on the VTX
		vtxpit will send the VTX pit mode command (Warning: TBS VTX will not enter pit mode once it is on until you power cycle the VTX)
		vtxbandchannel will set the band channel using strings
			Example: "vtxbandchannel r1" will set the VTX to raceband 1 and "vtxbandchannel f4" will set the VTX to fatshark 4

Version 0.199.059 BETA:
	Fix bug in channel incrementing on smart audio
	Added abilitty to position board in 1 degree increments
		Example on how to set board by 31 degrees left
			Skip first FC wizard and run these console commands
				set gyro_rotation=0
				set board_calibrated=1
				set sml_board_rot_x=0
				set sml_board_rot_y=0
				set sml_board_rot_z=-31

Version 0.200.060 BETA:
	Added Double-Double arm method and made it default
		set arm_method=1
		Double-Single arm method is set arm_method=0
	Made s.port lua functions smarter and faster

Version 0.201.060 BETA:
	Sped up LED breathing effect a bit
	Made s.port lua functions a bit faster
	List of "set telem_smartaudio" acceptable inputs
		USART1RX = 15
	    USART2RX = 16
	    USART3RX = 17
	    USART4RX = 18
	    USART5RX = 19
	    USART6RX = 20
	    USART1TX = 21
	    USART2TX = 22
	    USART3TX = 23
	    USART4TX = 24
	    USART5TX = 25
	    USART6TX = 26

Version 0.202.061 BETA:
	Added horizon mode
	Fix Sbus bug
	Increment config to allow horizon mode

Version 0.203.062 BETA:
	Changed ESC 1wire auto slightly
	Attitude mode is now Level Mode
	Horizon mode is nor Acro Level Mode
	Made Acro Level Mode more stable
	Changed defaults filters to low
	Added ESC frequency and loop time sanity checking and correction
	Added support for lower update frequencies (62 through 1000 Hz) for servo support
	Enabled dshot 1200 support
	Added current support
		set adc_current_factor = xxx
			(where adc_current_factor is the current multiplier for your current sensor ( current factor is defined as the one divided by the volts per amp output of yout current sensor ) )
				EXAMPLE: Ottopilot 50V/180A current sensor has an output of 18.30mV / Amp, which is 0.0183 volts per amp. (1 / 0.0183 = 54.6448), so the adc_current_factor is 54.6448
			0 turns off current ADC

Version 0.204.062 BETA:
	Added mAh consumed
	Added current output and mAh consumed to s.port telemtry
	Added current output and mAh consumed to spektrum telemtry
	Fixed voltage and current positioning

Version 0.205.062 BETA:
	Adjusted Acro Level Mode settings
	Changed VTX to enable on first arm switch if there's no vtx on mode setup
Version 0.206.062 RC2:
	Minor default changes
	Increment firmware type to RC2
	Adjust kiss and betafloght rates slightly
	Made self level code more robust, faster, and more accurate

Version 0.207.062 RC2.1:
	Fixed second arming throttle check
	Increment firmware type to RC2.1

Version 0.208.062 RC3:
	Fix Taranis failsafe
	Fix double arm windup issue
	Fixed SPMFC400 build
	Increment firmware type to RC3

Version 0.209.062 BETA:
	Make SmartAudio more robust
	Make SmartAudio work better with S.port

Version 0.210.062 BETA:
	Fix Ki windup issue caused by double arming

Version 0.211.062 RC4:
	Adjusted throttle positioning

Version 0.212.062 RC5:
	Smart Audio changes

Version 0.213.062 RC6:
	Increment s.port displayed smart audio channel by one

Version 0.214.062 RC7:
	fix initial read of VTX values

Version 0.215.062 RC8:
	fix spektrum telemetry

Version 0.216.062 BETA:
	Prevent s.port from causing in-flight performance issues
	Increased flight performance and made flight code more efficient
	Fixed time sync issue on flight log

Version 0.217.062 RC9:
	Important flight performance enhancements

Version 0.218.062 BETA:
	More flight code enhancements
	Fixed Spektrum Telemetry

Version 0.219.062 BETA:
	Update Spektrum Telemetry handling

Version 0.220.062 RC10:
	Added Braindrain mode
		Will increase responsiveness at the possible cost of smoothness
		Similar but different than Direct mode
			May or may not cause hotter motors and/or oscillations when used with direct mode
	Important flight performance enhancements
		Increase Ki and Kd performance
	Fixed gyro calibration issue that sometimes popped up when FC was turned on before radio

Version 0.221.063 RC11:
	set vtx_pitmode_type=0 (default, VTX will always turn on after a power cycle)
		To change VTX operation, with battery connect and props off run the following commands in console:
			set vtx_pitmode_type=0
	set vtx_pitmode_type=1 (VTX will default to pit mode after power cycle)
		To change VTX operation, with battery connect and props off run the following commands in console:
			set vtx_pitmode_type=1

Version 0.222.064 RC12:
	Force board reset after spektrum telemetry updates and saves PIDs
	Adjust SmartAudio baud rate to 4900 to counteract severe drift issue with some VTXs

Version 1.001.063 ALPHA:
	Added Glue mode for testing 

Version 1.002.063 ALPHA:
	Automagic filtering

Version 1.003.063 ALPHA:
	Automagic filtering update
		All filter settings in config are ignored.

Version 1.004.064 ALPHA:
	Auto filters completely disabled
	Glue mode is back, and safe to flip
	Level and Acro Level mode are also working

Version 1.005.065 ALPHA:
	Adjusted filters, no autofiltering yet

Version 1.006.065 ALPHA:
	Adjusted filters and pid output

Version 1.007.065 ALPHA:
	Adjusted filters and pid output
	Basic filter replaced with much more advanced filter
	tpa curves added to dump
	tpa curve adjustment function added but not yet functional
	Decreased CPU load
	Removed wc and ga

Version 1.008.066 ALPHA:
	Incremented config
	Changed filter defaults
	Added vbat_cutoff and vbat_buzzer config variables, not yet active

Version 1.008.066 ALPHA through 1.014.069 BETA:
	Added BLHeli version 16.68 J_H_15 and J_H_90 binaries
	Rewrite several parts of code base to handle new logic and future products
	Increased performance and precision of ACC modes
	Updated automatic crash handling and prevention
	New filer design
		Much more precise and includes sannity checks
		Added digitial precision mode to the filters which increase precision significantly
	Added digital precision mode
		Select dshot 600 in configurator to enable
			Will put filters into a much more precise state at the cost of some speed
		ESC must be working correct on dshot 600
			RaceBees and RF 4-in-1 on J_H_15 and J_H_90 RaceFlight's BHLeli version 16.68 
	Flight logging automatically disabled when Dshot is selected
		This limitation will be removed soon
	Fixed issue where RX would not autodetect if smart audio or s.port was enabled

Version 1.015.069 BETA:
	Added dpmode command to put FC into dp mode more easily

Version 1.016.070 BETA:
	Changed defaults

Version 0.223.070 BETA:
	Merged in 1.000 through 1.016.070 changes which were originally meant for post Release 1
	RC13 candidate
	New high-tech filtering
	Many configurator changes
			#### 0.223.0
			- Increment version to 223 to match RC13

			#### 0.197.0
			- Added VTX PitMode Type wizard
			- Added license page
			- Fixing translations
			- Small bug fixes
			- Moved "Update firmware" title to top
			- Added 16000 option for frequency
			- Fixed ESC start up power saving
			- Fixed issues caused by not working motors or other problems on ESC tab
			- Update *de*,*fr*,*es* translations
			- Added OEM (beep) tone
			- Added Digital Precision Mode

			#### 0.196.0

			- Added telemetry tab
			- Fix radio data on setup tab
			- Fix motor order in motor direction wizard
			- Cosmetic fixes
			- Fix translations
			- Fix issue #72

			#### 0.195.0

			- Added DFU flashing mode
			- Added de, es, fr, sk, zh-cn languages
			- Fixed motor calibration labels
			- Fixed small issues
			- Added frequency options
			- Added SmartAudio and OneShot options

			#### 0.194.0

			- Added localization
			- Added "Medium Low" and "Medium High" timing options
			- Added "Quick change PID level" button and Rates default values
			- Fixed "Reset" button on PID Tuning page
			- Fixed Bootloader flashing file upload, that could stuck when incorrect file has been uploaded.
			- Fixed "Update Firmware" button
			- Improved "Setup", "Detect" and "Radio" wizards.
			- Fixed "ESC" tab when it fails sometimes.

Version 0.224.070 BETA:
	Fixed self leveling modes

Version 0.225.070 BETA:
	Changed bootloader startup timing

Version 0.226.070 RC13:
	Updated flight code

Version 0.227.071 RC14:
	New defaults and filter tweaks

Version 0.228.071 BETA
	Fix fuel calculation (mAh)
	Adjusted Kd
	For bolt current sensor
		set adc_current_factor=34.2

Version 0.229.071 RC15
	Adjusted defaults

Version 0.230.073 BETA
	Added TPA parser
		Example usage to adjust Kp TPA:
			tpakp 130=100=85=75=65=60=55=50=55
	Added motor diagnostic function
		To use:
			Plug in battery
			In console run:
		Motors will all go to idle then spin up one at a time to high throttle to check for problems

Version 0.231.073 BETA:
	Made crash detetion algorythm a bit more sensitive
	Initial MSP OSD support

Version 0.237.079 BETA:
	Flight code improvments and new defaults
	Adjusted motor test function

Version 0.238.079 RC17:
	Smart audio update
	New defaults