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  • Daily support right from the devs in chat format…hope it will stay this way forever

    • I guess finding useful, reliable infaimotron on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

    • I agree, it’s really great to have that support.

    • Where you can chat with the raceflight team? I have a problem…

      • you can chat with the raceflight team on slack and via support at raceflight dot net

  • Flying RaceFlight on nearly all my quads now with mostly 6500 gyro equipped FlighControlers @ UH32 and it still blowes me away every time I fly!

    • That’s an astute answer to a tricky qusioetn

  • RaceFlight enables you to fly like You want to, no wobbles, oscillations, propwash or any other path distrortions, that allows you to focus on what is important. New features almost daily and the the whole RaceFlight system that is in the works will be the industry standard in 1 years time. Hop on to the flight to the future. Flash it today!

    • This inoetducrs a pleasingly rational point of view.

  • Flying RaceFlight is like having sex with a unicorn. 

    • Oh yeah, faobulus stuff there you!

  • Didn’t think a quad could fly this good. Betaflight is nowhere near.

    • Created the greatest arlcstei, you have.

  • Totally awesome flight characteristics, extremely stable and smooth. Love it, flies so much better right out of the box than any other FC firmware.
    Good support, direct chat with the devs for clarification or other help, good community support, just like it gas to be!

    • At last! Someone who unradstends! Thanks for posting!

  • Raceflight is unbelievably smooth, fast and coded with great vision. This project is gonna be huge! Support is almost 24/7 from devs and community.

    flash it now and you will see!

    • I hate my life but at least this makes it belarbae.

  • It’s not cleanflight.

    • Reading this makes my deiicsons easier than taking candy from a baby.

  • Did someone say Raceflight?

    Yes, Raceflight is better, the team is super, I join in December 2015 and I learned a lot in this hobby! 🙂

    • I’ll try to put this to good use imieymateld.

  • I was hopeful that the difference (compared to BF3.0 on same quad) would be noticeable when I first tested Raceflight @ 32khz. Just after take off, I could already tell it sounded way different. But my hopes faded because the quad felt out of sync with the controls. Like lag, but not in the usual way. As I struggled, I began to realize the quad was responding to the controls faster than I expected.. After about 30 seconds, my brain/reflexes caught up to my quad and suddenly the controls felt amazing… telepathic. 

    Beware that you will get quickly spoiled. I broke that quad during practice and had to use my other BF2.9 quad for the race. It was a disaster. The quad was a half step behind, and I proceeded to crush gates until I ran out of props. 

  • Before flying with Raceflilght I was not a very confident flyer. Now that I have started using Raceflight I am finally confident enough to really push my multirotors to the limits.

    The Raceflight team also has the best support out of all the other firmware out there. Big thanks for all the help I have been given.

  • *********************************************
    Realtime Slack chatroom support A+
    Easy simple tuning A+
    Simplify and Powerful configurator A+
    DFU mode from simply click on the button A+
    1wire flash support A+
    Kool name as “RaceFlight” A++


  • RaceFlight has accelerated the development of my fpv pilot skills.

    I came to RaceFlight kinda of backwards. I had two Open Pilot Revo boards that I wasn’t using. I was building a new mini frame and trying to utilize what I had on hand. I started looking for a firmware that supported an F4 based board by doing a search on RCGroups. That’s where I learned about RaceFlight. I think maybe one or two versions had been released and RaceFlight was actively being developed. I flashed RaceFlight and that’s all she wrote. I haven’t turned back! RaceFlight rocks!

  • First the vision isn’t just for racers, it’s a ground up reconfiguration of what we as pilots want. Second The effort and communication of the RF devs to everyone is really professional. Third when accompanied with an f4 board and multishot, it’s hands down the best firmware and software out. The connection from pilot to multirotor has never been so instantaneous. I have 6 quads and they are all on Raceflight!!

  • Raceflight has transformed my experience, from setups that never felt quite right to perfect everytime, there’s no going back…

  • You really saved my skin with this iniromatfon. Thanks!

  • Raceflight with stock PID is better on my 3 totally differents frames than any other fc with hours of tuning.
    And i’m not even talking on how it is so smooth and precise compared to anything I’ve flown.

  • If your quad wobbles, twitches or feels inaccurate you probably just dont run Raceflight 😉

  • A lot of time involved in tuning to death before on other firmwares. This one however. Default PID and flies on an entire different level of course using Revo F4 type board and Multishot anything else is not worth talking about. 

    So smooth, no bounceback on hard rolls or 180 turns, incredible. 

    I fell in love, that’s for sure. 

  • I personally encountered the magic of the raceflight tuning at the #MultigpNats connex booth.
    Thanks for the experience
    I was Consistently faster on the regional course with the provided quad
    More so Than with my own the day before at my serious 60 heats
    5sec faster per lap
    Blown away
    just flashed it on a fresh revo and it smooooooooooooooooooooov

  • Raceflight, just try it to believe it, a different feeling of flight on another level. 🙂

  • I’m too noob to appreciate the high levels of performance available, but the documentation, availability of the developers and community support is incredible.

  • Some say higher loop times with F4 chips weren’t necessary but the guys at RaceFlight have crushed that theory. Solid in flight and easy dial in for your style or racing feel. Bravo RF Team!


  • I’ve been on betaflight since I started flying. I thought it was the bees knees…that was until I tried raceflight. The first build I tried was bb239 and I fell in love. Since then it has matured into something magical. I can’t wait to see what is to come. Good job guys!!

  • I struggled to the point of not wanting to fly using other equipment until I joined the RACEFLIGHT family.  Now I’m burning through batteries FLYING instead of tuning.  The support I’ve gotten through all of their social outlets has inspired me to help promote a truly great system.  This is what flying is all about.  Thanks to EVERYONE!

  • I have gone back and forth between the two FW, I always end up on raceflight.

  • Raceflight

  • RaceFlight flies well out of the box but man when you get it tuned and dialed in, there is nothing smoother and more locked in. Yaw is straight as an arrow and propwash is a thing of the past. Just point and add power. RaceFlight community has been incredibly helpful as well.

  • Once you go fly Raceflight, there is nothing else worth flying. Been rocking raceflight for almost 9 months now and it just keeps getting better and better! Now that it has become an all in one esc flasher/gui with more coming, how can you not be on raceflight? A little research and a little time invested into reading what the developers recommend goes a long way with Raceflight. Loading it blindly without doing your due diligence like with most firmwares will lead to confusion and fustration. Take the time to learn some key points like “life line” and “witchcraft” , ask questions. With said advice you will be lapping the compitition w/ bent props screaming across the finish line!

  • It’s hard to put Raceflight into words. You just need to try it. I can say it feels better, or man this is soo smooth and responsive, but until you try it you just won’t understand the true difference. It feels like a link between me and my quad. I’m running it on all my quads now without hesitation. Getting help on the Slack channel from the actual developers is a huge help to people coming from other firmware’s that might have questions about setting it up or flashing. Flying and tuning with other firmware’s I thought it couldn’t get any better, but after trying Raceflight I was proved wrong. It’s made a huge difference in my confidence flying and knocked large amounts of time off of my personal best times. Just point and shoot and the quad is so locked in you don’t have to think about it! Do your quad a favor, get Raceflight on it!

  • This is the real K.I.S.S(keep it simple, stupid). Takes almost no effort to setup and tune  and just flys amazing out of the box. Has features that are used in the real world for FPV pilots. No extra nonsense!!

  • Why Raceflight is better?

    that’s asked why Ronaldo is better than me….

    • Haha 😉
      Let’s get a Revolt Soon mate ;).

  • I like the openness of the developers on the groups and their constant willingness to help. It’s nice to see transparent communication and flow of ideas with the product being so great. Looking forward to all of RF’s new endeavors.

  • I try cleanflight, betaflight, kiss , openpilot almost everything and those fly well but raceflight is just mind blowing feeling

  • I have flown and partially tuned my friend’s quad on raceflight. I love it. Stock pids feels dialed in. But unfortunately I don’t have a cc3d revo. All my current quads are rev 5.

  • I have tried out almost all other configurator’s and none of them feel as good as Raceflight. Since I first started to use it, I have put it on all my quads.

  • RaceFlight has the best performance I have felt. Defaults are pretty amazing. The Devs are easily accessible and want to help. Looking forward to the flight controller. 

  • RaceFlight is the new industry standard in quad racing flight performance.   My first controller was an Arduino board and the accelerometer from a Wii, then thru BasicFlight, CleanFlight, BetaFlight, and now RaceFlight. What a great progression, from just being stable enough to fly to unbelievable control and precession.  

  • Raceflight is completey next level.. Effortless configuration and tuning!   Flight characteristics are amazing, just simply locked in under any throttle, any condition.. It eeally is awesome..

  • Raceflight has a Skitzo mode… What should I need to add? 😜
    Seriously, rock solid flight performances, constant improvements and the most vibrant and helpful community. 

  • No words to discripe how good race flight is compare to other software.. its like… like… uhm like… its the best.

  • It takes courage and vision to lead in this sport and not only have the whole Raceflight team engaged in something truly unique, but they themselves are highly ranked and regarded racers. Add to that a genuine passion for the sport and a desire to engage and help others achieve. These things give you a sense of what Raceflight is about, but it’s when you pull down the goggles and punch the throttle that you really get it! I encourage others to be part of the experience and rediscover the excitement of flying something unique, something unexpected and something amazing all at the same time!

  • I highly recommend Raceflight because like its name, it is based on cutting edge hardware and research and development. All the factors that enable and yield high performance flying and control — utilizing the fastest popular F4 Flight Controller chip, the highests speed ESCs (Multishot), attracting all the good and helpful peole in the ecosystem — programming/R&D, support, hardware ecosystems, high performance pilots — makes is a joy to be part of

  • Raceflight gives you the edge, that small extra ingredient that separates winners from second best. 
    A constant development progress that keeps you where you want to be, in front.

  • There are a lot of reasons why RaceFlight is better. I’ve known about RaceFlight for a long time, but never wanted to try it. I’ve never been one to jump on the hype train. After being disappointed in the quality of my tune and the flight characteristics of various firmware, I finally decided to try RaceFlight. I was completely shocked. I’ve been tuning for a long time, but had never had such an easy time nor have I ever been able to get my tune so accurate. The performance of RaceFlight on noisy gyro systems is outstanding. The features are one of a kind. It really just out performs all other flight controller firmware. On top of that, the community for RaceFlight is amazing. Everyone on slack is extraordinarily helpful. That’s why after serious consideration, I decided to make time to provide my various programming skills to helping RaceFlight grow. I only use and recommend things that I believe in.

    Simply put, I believe in RaceFlight.

  • Start with Raceflight for it’s incredible firmware. Stay with Raceflight for it’s fantastic support.

  • Smooth as Butter – Friendly helpful RaceFlight community.

  • It fly’s so smooth with an F4 Chip and it is very responsive even with 8khz.

    I flashed RaceFlight and I was bounded from first flight on. Can’t wait to test 32khz 😀

  • I jumped on the raceflight bandwagon when betaflight would refuse to cooperate on my custom frame. Flashed RF, stock settings, took off… magic!!
    My quad flew awesome right out off the bench! I cant think of any other firmware that can match the stock settings let alone the constantly updating features (Braindrain mode, oh my god)!! Raceflight I cant thank you enough for the awesomeness you have created!

    • Still rocking raceflight since my last post, still loving it!
      A few days ago I was flying some big air maneuvers in an open field when all of a sudden my quad started to tumble and lose control. I watched for a second and then disarmed as a natural instinct even though I was still pretty high off the ground. It hit the ground and I retrieved it completely intact besides one of the three blades on my front right motor. It threw a blade!! Here comes the cool part…
      Just for shits and giggles I decided to try to fly the broken prop as it was. I set my quad down (a bit further away than usual) and throttled up. To my surprise, it popped off the ground as if nothing was wrong with it; raceflight was able to completely ignore the severe vibrations that were shaking my frame apart!! It still felt completely locked in, as if I could finish the rest of the pack without even noticing.

      • Another raceflight miracle story:

        I was chasing my friends beautiful 3D biplane to get some nice CLOSE air-to-air footage for my school’s rc club. We decided to go up for a high stall turn at the edge of the field. He pulled back on the stick and I followed him straight up right beside him. We reached the top in perfect unison but he turned left instead of right, putting his plane right into me!! I saw we were going to hit so I lowered my throttle to minimum and braced for the impact that was happening several hundred feet away. I saw contact and then recovered. We kept going for a few gentle turns and some hovering when someone on the field noticed my battery was hanging by the plug. The amazing thing was that I could not tell in the slightest that anything was wrong with my quad.

        Raceflight, truly amazing.

  • Just perfect out of the box. The first rft flight controller firmware is born ! Amazing job guys. 

  • I’ve tried all betaflight releases and was happy to test them all if only for myself. With that being said, I’ve also tried all of the raceflight releases and the smoothness is unreal. Please keep up the good work guys.

  • Raceflight is red for a reason. ‘‘Only those who dare, truly live.’’ – Enzo Ferrari.

  • I really like the solid defaults. I can be flying right away and as my skill and knowledge grow I can adjust from there.

  • Any thing but Skitzo is insane!

  • Shut up and take my money!

  • Raceflight is like butter. Deepfried in canola oil. With whipped crisco on top. Yea it’s that smooth. For real. Incredibly easy to update. All of my builds are using stock raceflight PID gains. They could be tweaked but on every frame they have been so smooth and crisp that I don’t feel the need to tamper with them.

    The support community is awesome too. There’s always someone who has knowledge in the community chat channel – including the main developers. Thanks for the amazing product and great support!

  • I just couldn’t depart your website prior to suggesting that I really enjoyed the standard info a person provide for your visitors? Is gonna be back often to check up on new posts

  • There is noticeably a bundle to learn about this. I assume you made certain nice factors in options also.

  • Hi…i am new to this fc…can i get the wiring diagram…i dont know where to solder the 5v input…and where to solder the frsky smartport for telemetry…thank you

    • Hi, Please go to http://www.revoltfc.com for wiring diagram and other documentation for the Revolt flight controller.

  • Hi, I have a Proplem. Is it Possible to get VBat monitoring with the Revolt? With SPort? Thanks alot

    • Hi, it is not possible in the current code but will be possible in RF1.

  • Looks nice but I’m building a hex and there is no hex settings for me to download. So, it would be nice to see hes settings for the available flight controllers.

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