Configurator Installation

There’s been a bit of confusion with installing the RaceFlight configurator. Updating the configurator is really important because the newest software builds doesn’t always work with the older configurators. Follow these 4 simple steps to install the RaceFlight configurator!

Step 1 – Download the Configurator

The first step is to log into your account on and go to the downloads section. Once there, you want to click on “download” under the “Latest RaceFlight Configurator.”


Step 2 – Open Up Your Chrome Extensions

The next step is to open up your chrome extensions tab to install the configurator. Up in the top right hand corner of chrome you should see 3 dots in a vertical order – pointed to by the blue arrow in the screenshot. Click that to open the drop down menu. Next mouse over “more tools” and then click “extensions” – pointed to by the red arrow in the screenshot.extensions

Step 3 – Install .crx configurator to your Extensions

Next you will need to enable “developer mode” in order to install this extension. Then you can simply drag the .crx configurator file from your downloads bar onto the extensions page. This will install the configurator into your extensions and allow you to access the RaceFlight configurator via apps.

Note: you must select “add app” when the popup appears asking to confirm installation.



Step 4 – Open the Configurator

The next step is the final step. You now have your configurator installed and it’s time to open it. Simply go to the “apps” tab to see your extensions. Then select RaceFlight and the application will open.



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