RaceFlight Modes and Features

There are several features that are in the Beta Build code (BB) of RaceFlight. A lot of people have questions about these features so we at RaceFlight wanted to take the time to write this brief explanation of the various settings and features that you can find in RaceFlight BBs.

The first feature we’ll talk about is a mode called Skitzo mode. Skitzo mode increases the rates resolution of your sticks from 256 steps to 1000 steps. This makes the sticks feel more accurate and is something we recommend you leave on.

Another mode offered is Brain Drain mode. BrainDrain makes the D’s feel sharper so that you get a more responsive feel. This is particularly good for racing, though you may experience a little bit more of “prop wash.”

A third performance mode is called pro smooth mode. Pro smooth helps to smooth out your transitions on your sticks so that you can get that super smooth feel on your video. We recommend not running this mode in conjunction with Brain Drain mode.

Filters and Settings

RaceFlight also has several different settings and filters found within the PID tuning tab. Firstly we’ll talk about the filters that can be found in RaceFlight and used to filter out noise.

The first, and main filter is filter level and it increases the filter has a whole. The higher the number is, the more filtering is being done. The lower the number is, the less filtering is being done. This makes it so that with the higher filter level you get kind of a you lose a little bit of response but ,this could help filter out noise that you’re noticing in your quad.

You can also change different, more specific filters called Low Pass Filters (LPF). This is especially helpful when you’re tuning the black box and you can see exactly where you’re getting noise from in your quad. You have access to LPF’s on roll pitch and yaw. If you’re noticing that you’re getting noise on one specific area of your gyro, you can increase the filter frequency respectively.

Now the higher this number, is the higher frequency at which filtering is being applied is. This means that if you want to increase your filtering, you’re going to want to decrease the number which decreases the frequency in hertz being filtered. The same holds true for the low-pass filters on your  D-term LPF’s for roll, yaw, and pitch. As a reminder, the more you lower your frequency of filtering, the less responsive your quad may feel.

Another setting/feature RaceFlight has is called. Witchcraft essentially smoothly D-term over time which helps filter out and use a little bit and remove a little bit of noise from your quad as well. The rate at which WC smooths out the D-term is in very tiny micro seconds. Doing this during flight really helps reduce the amount of vibrations and things that you might get.

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